BEREA, Ohio -- New Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel must be logging a lot of "frequent flyer" miles when he is not working in the film room or studying offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's playbook.

Weeks after a much-publicized trip to Las Vegas over the Memorial Day weekend where the rookie was seen partying with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and dozens of bikini-clad young women at a pool, sitting cageside at a UFC pay-per-view fight and spraying champagne on a crowd at a nightclub, Manziel returned to his home state of Texas before the start of mandatory mini-camp Tuesday.

During his trip back to Texas, Manziel was seen courtside at the NBA Finals, and also, drinking a bottle of champagne while sitting on an inflatable swan at a nightclub.

"I'm not concerned," Browns coach Mike Pettine said. "I would become concerned if there was something criminal, and I'd be concerned if it affected his job. I think there's a lot of our guys when they leave here, that if they were followed around, you'd get some very similar pictures. I don't know about an inflatable swan, but I think you'd still get some pictures.

"I think it's something that he's used to. I think he understands that it comes with the territory, but I also think he's a young man that doesn't want his lifestyle or how he lives it to be affected by social media.

"He's not going to (say), 'Hey, I'm not leaving my house.' I don't think he wants to be that way."

Pettine said the Browns will continue to use the philosophy of not micromanaging the players when they are away from the training facility, as long as their exploits do not draw the attention of the law or prevent them from performing to their best abilities on the football field.

"When it becomes irresponsible or becomes part of something that involves breaking the law or something that we feel is a potential problem, we'll step in," Pettine said. "We're going to bring in speakers, not just the rookies, but the whole team, just to kind of talk about all the potential issues off the field -- everything from financial issues to drugs to alcohol -- to try to do our best to educate those guys so they make great choices when they're out of the building.

"I think (Manziel's) getting better. I think he's getting more comfortable in the huddle calling the plays. I think he has a very nice touch with the deep ball, and he shows that we've added some of the zone-read stuff that (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) had run with RG3 (quarterback Robert Griffin III) in Washington. He's done a nice job handling that. He makes improvements every day, and that's all that we ask of him."

And as for those who share the field with Manziel, they are okay with their quarterback blowing off a little steam when he is on his own time.

"What is he, 21?" fourth-year defensive lineman Jabaal Sheard asked. "I see nothing wrong with that. I'm happy for him. He just got drafted. Why not enjoy it? I'm pretty sure back in the days, guys were having a great time too. The quarterback from the Jets, (Joe Namath) was having a great time. I see nothing wrong with that."

Wide receiver Andrew Hawkins added, "Guys are guys. He's a human like everybody else. He's come in here and he works his butt off, Monday through Friday. Whatever's asked of him, he does. He's in his playbook, and he's coming out on the field and working hard. Anything beyond that is none of my business.

"Football's intense. You have to let loose a little bit, otherwise, you'll probably go crazy. Johnny's the man. I like Johnny. Johnny's a cool guy, but he comes out here and works hard. Whenever you have a guy like that, it's always fun to be around."