If there's anybody who can sympathize with Joe Haden today, it's Bernie Kosar. Nearly 24 years before the Cleveland Browns released their 2-time Pro Bowl cornerback, they did the same to Kosar.

Following the news that Haden had opted to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns' former quarterback took to Twitter to share his thoughts. And while Kosar wished his fellow Cleveland fan favorite well, he also admitted that it will be strange to see Haden suiting up for another team.

Haden and the Steelers will come to Cleveland on Sept. 10 for the 2017 regular season opener for both teams. Hours after being released by the Browns on Thursday, the 2010 first-round pick reportedly signed a 3-year, $27 million contract with the Steelers.

Following his unceremonious release from the franchise in 1993 -- at the hands of then-head coach Bill Belichick -- Kosar signed with the Dallas Cowboys before spending three seasons backing up Dan Marino on the Miami Dolphins. He has since remained a prominent voice around the Browns franchise since its return in 1999.