CLEVELAND -- Whether it be players, coaches or front-office executives, anyone involved in professional sports has a unique type of competitive fire, and when they see someone achieve success, it usually increases their desires to win.

The Cleveland Indians came within one win of a World Series Championship, and during their march through the postseason, they gained the respect and attention of other professional athletes in the city, including Cavaliers stars LeBron James, Kevin Love and J.R. Smith, as well as the entire Browns organization.

“Hats off to the Indians,” Browns coach Hue Jackson said. “I know they didn’t accomplish what they wanted to, but I know the city is very proud of that team. There is no question in my mind they will be back and doing it again, and next time, they will win it, in my mind.

“What a great year for them. It is tough because I am sure they wanted it to end a different way, as we all wanted it for them, but those things sometimes as we know do happen.”

In moments where they were not working to prepare for their games on Sundays over the last month, the Browns were paying close attention to the Indians on their journey to Game 7 of the 2016 World Series against the Chicago Cubs.

“It is exciting,” Browns quarterback Josh McCown said. “It is exciting for our city. Starting back in June with the Cavs and now, with these guys, for us, it gives a great energy and hope and inspiration that when you build it the right way and you keep working at it, it can turn.

“We understand looking back at the history of those franchises, they have had ups and downs and things like that. We are trying to get to that place where they are. What better motivation and inspiration that you can have than those two things happening in your city?”

Although the Indians lost Game 7 in 10 innings to the Cubs, who broke a 108-year World Series drought with the win, watching the way they fought through adversity brought out some added desire for the Browns as they get prepared for today's game against the Dallas Cowboys at FirstEnergy Stadium.

“I want all those people to have to fight for a ticket to get to our game,” Jackson said. “I mean that because we are doing what we are supposed to do, and that is the goal. That is the vision for it all is for it to have this be one of the hottest tickets in town. We have a lot of work to do to get there. We get that.”