CLEVELAND -- Due to injuries and ineffectiveness, the Cleveland Browns have had a revolving door at quarterback since the first week of the season, and that could take another turn in the near future, as young veteran Robert Griffin III returned to practice on Wednesday.

And although Griffin has watched as five other players have taken snaps during his 10-week absence, he is not worried about getting back on the field.

“You just do not pay it any attention,” Griffin said. “If you step out there on the field and you are thinking about not getting hurt, then you are going to get hurt. I would never take that approach to it. I advise anybody who is playing that has ever come back from an injury to never take that approach.

“Some things that you just can’t control. I can’t control what happened in the Philly game with the guy getting a direct hit on my shoulder as I am trying to go out of bounds. I can’t control that anymore. I am sitting here back practicing. You just have to go out and play to the fullest every time you get the chance. I feel like it is a beautiful game, and sometimes, it can get a little ugly.”

Griffin spent 10 weeks on injured reserve and was designated for return Wednesday after healing up from a broken coracoid bone in his left shoulder, which was suffered in a Week 1 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field.

Near the end of the Browns’ loss, Griffin scrambled out of the pocket and ran toward the right sideline.

Griffin was pushed from behind by Eagles defensive back Ron Brooks into rookie cornerback Jalen Mills, who hit the quarterback in the upper torso. Griffin was evaluated on the sideline and finished the game, but further examinations revealed the broken bone.

Griffin returned to practice just days after the Browns struggled to protect the quarterback in a 24-9 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers at FirstEnergy Stadium.

The veteran-laden Steelers showed their physical superiority over the much younger Browns and registered eight sacks in the lopsided win. Both Cody Kessler and Josh McCown absorbed the punishment of four sacks each.

Prior to the win over the Browns, the Steelers had just 13 sacks on the entire season.

“I know those guys up front are working their tails off to improve everything, and we are working to make sure that we get the ball out in time,” Griffin said. “It is not any one person’s fault as to why guys are getting hit or not getting hit. That is the approach you have to take towards yourself.

“For me as a player, it is my job just to play. My job is not to speculate or second guess. My job is to go out there and play. Everyone else’s job is to say, ‘Hey, you can play.’ ‘You can’t play.’ If my shoulder is not ready to go, it is not ready to go, but obviously, I want to play. I don’t think there has been anybody who has played football at this level who says they do not want to play for any certain reason. I am excited. Like I said, happiest guy in the building.”