While many assume the Josh Gordon saga is finished in Cleveland, the Browns wide receiver is attempting to craft a comeback.

Gordon entered rehab this summer following an idefinite suspension from the NFL. The Browns' 2012 second-round supplemental draft pick has been suspended four times for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

Gordon checked into a Gainesville, Florida rehabilitation center and spent 90 days there. After 70 days, he was granted a three-day leave to spend time with an UNINTERRUPTED crew.

The 26-year-old opened up to the crew to share his experience. They also followed him as he completed his first training session in two months.

"I think it might be therapeutic for me to just talk about it," he told UNINTERRUPTED.

Gordon admitted to alcohol abuse, as well as to using Xanax, cocaine, marijuana, codeine and other drugs. He also said a coach at Baylor University, where Gordon played in college, helped him cheat on his drug tests.

"I've been enabled most of my life, honestly," he said. "I've been enabled by coaches, teachers, professors, everybody pretty much gave me a second chance just because of my ability."

LeBron James, who owns UNINTERRUPTED, later offered support to Gordon via Twitter.

Watch the full video below:

Gordon was released from rehab in late September. His latest petititon for reinstatement was denied by the NFL in May.