CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor is singularly focused on winning.

Heading into Sunday’s game against Washington at FedEx Field, Pryor is focused on what he has to do to break the team loose from an 0-3 start to the 2016 season rather than cornerback Josh Norman and his ability to get under the skin of opposing wide receivers.

“I’m 6’5”, 230. I am not worried about a corner talking about me. Period,” Pryor said following Thursday’s practice.

To Pryor, trash talk from opponents is nothing out of the ordinary, and it will not throw him off of his game and what he needs to do individually to help the team be productive.

“Talking does not really do nothing,” Pryor said. “I am going to say what I am going to say and I’m not going to hear anything you say anyway, so it doesn’t matter. I just go and compete. I am going to talk. I am going to talk because I do talk on the field, and I have fun with it just like I’m sure that other guys, like I’m sure Josh is a talker like that and he is going to have fun as well. That is just what it is. That is the game.”

Rather than being concerned with what does or does not get said between the white lines, Pryor is looking to build upon a successful performance in a 30-24 overtime loss to the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium last Sunday.

When Pryor was not alternating snaps at quarterback with rookie Cody Kessler in the loss to the Dolphins, he posted career highs with seven receptions for 144 yards and rushed for 21 more with one touchdown on four carries.

In addition to registering his first career 100-yard receiving game, Pryor became the first NFL player since Houston Texans wide receiver Cecil Shorts III, a Cleveland native, to have 20 or more yards rushing, receiving and passing in a single game.

“I am trying to have a better one this week and a lot more,” Pryor said. “I hope to have that a lot, and I believe I can. I just have to stay healthy and keep leading the team. We can always reflect on great things that go on because stuff like that happens, but I am looking for the next one. That is way far behind in the back of my mind right now.

“That is our job. Our job is to make plays. Our job is to do the things that the coaches say and make them look good because they coach -- our coaches are very, very good at what they do -- and for us to go on the field and actually handle the offense and execute, that is what you want to do for your coaches.

“That is what I want to do every, single game because I just know how hard they work and I respect the heck out of my coaching staff, this coaching staff and my teammates. That is all I want to do is just make plays and do my 1/11th, like I say all the time, and we should be good.”