Josh Gordon is returning to the Cleveland Browns Tuesday and there are plenty of questions on how his play could impact the 0-8 team for the future.

There are also plenty of questions about Gordon's struggles with addiction, many of which were answered in a recent interview Gordon had with GQ magazine.

In the interview published by GQ on Monday, Gordon opened up about his time in Cleveland, how the fans treated him and how he considered himself a "functioning alcoholic."

Gordon, 26, has been plagued by alcohol and drug abuse, which has led to a string of suspensions from the NFL. He spent 90 days in rehab following his fourth suspension and now claims he's sober and in the best shape of his life.

Gordon says he was a "highly functioning" alcoholic while he played for the Browns, often taking shots of Grand Marnier as a pregame ritual. He also admitted to smoking marijuana and taking Xanax and codeine, noting he was always partying after games, win or lose.

"Every game," he told GQ. "Probably every game of my career."

Gordon also opened up about his experience in Cleveland and its fans. He said he moved to Gainesville in hopes he wouldn't be recognized there. He said living in Cleveland "could be a nightmare," noting he's been heckled in public. He said his brothers got into fights in the stands at Browns games and people threw drinks on him. He said people threw coins at his car windows and someone even dented the hood of his car while jumping on it.

"So Cleveland was rough, man," he said. "...These are Cleveland fans. That experience followed me everywhere I went. So I'm always like: Who recognizes me? Like, Josh, nobody knows who the [expletive] you are. You play for the Browns."

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