CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer has steadily worked his way up the depth chart, and after going through training camp, as well as the first two weeks of the preseason, he was tabbed to start the “dress rehearsal” game.

Kizer will start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium Saturday, the Browns’ first road game of the preseason.

“This is awesome,” Kizer said. “Obviously, another step in this process that we have been talking about for the last couple months now. I obviously know there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with starting a game as far as preparation goes throughout the week as far as the responsibilities that happen off the field and representing this team the right way.

“As awesome as it is, it just means I have to work harder and try to do whatever I can to continue to have some success out on the field and hold onto this position as tight as I can.”

In two preseason games, Kizer has completed 19 of his 31 attempts for 258 yards with one passing touchdown, a rushing score and four drives that ended in points for the Browns, which was starkly different from the other quarterbacks on the roster.

Kizer completed 10 passes for first downs, four 20-yard plays and two 40-yard throws.

“Understanding the footwork that goes along with each play,” Kizer said. “This is the first time that I am required to take five steps out of the gun for instance. That is something that in the back of my mind, I always want to stop at three.

“I was able to go in, practice and work on that making sure that I am getting my depth and my drop the right way and adding the right footwork to the right plays. I was able to do that pretty well in this last game, and I look forward to just moving forward in terms of that.”

Should Kizer make it through the next two preseason games and two weeks of practice healthy, he is in line to start the Browns’ regular-season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers at FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday, September 10.

But until then, Kizer’s focus will be on one thing only, “just continuing to get better and trying to execute every time I am out on that field.”

“It is going to take a full room to allow me to continue to have that success that I have had these last couple weeks,” Kizer said.

“This preparation comes from all four of us in there working together, and obviously, one guy steps out their first, but every guy has been in these last couple weeks, so for me, I think the biggest thing to do is continue to build off of what I have been doing and continue to become more comfortable and more confident, and just keep letting it rip.”