BEREA, Ohio -- Preseason or regular season, quarterback competition or not, it does not matter to Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer.

When the Browns have a game on the schedule, Hoyer wants to play as perfectly as he can, and he carries that mindset into Monday's preseason game against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field on Monday night.

"I play every game like it's a regular-season game," Hoyer said after Saturday's training-camp practice in Berea. "There's really no way to go about it other than that. I think the moment you think that it's just a preseason game is the moment that you're not prepared mentally and all of the sudden, something sneaks up on you and you're losing, 14-0, in the first quarter."

Not only does Hoyer play "every game like it's a regular-season game," but he also practices and studies like it during the week.

"I prepare every game, whether it's preseason, regular season, like I'm going to play the whole game until the coach pulls me out," Hoyer said. "You've got to be prepared to play a football game. Those guys aren't going to hold back on the other side, that's for sure. You've just got to be prepared like you would in a normal situation.

"Obviously, you don't go into the game-planning and things like that, but it's still football. It's like going against our defense every day. We never know what we're going to get, but you go out there and react and play the best you can."

Whether or not Hoyer wants to admit it, there could be more pressure on him heading into the Washington game because first-year coach Mike Pettine has targeted Tuesday as the day in which he will choose -- between Hoyer and rookie Johnny Manziel -- who will start for the Browns in the regular-season opener at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Sept. 7.

"I think every game is crucial," Hoyer said. "For me, it doesn't change the way I prepare. Like I said, the thing that I try to do is come out and be the best quarterback I can every day, and I'll do the same thing Monday night.

"I think the best quarterback should play, regardless of the situation. It's a situation I dealt with last year when I came in. We kind of said it was a week-to-week thing, so for me, I just want to be the starting quarterback of this team whatever the situation is."

Hoyer was named the starter for the Washington game after completing six of 14 attempts for 92 yards in a 13-12 loss to the Detroit Lions in the preseason opener at Ford Field last Saturday.

Although his completion percentage was not what he wanted it to be, Hoyer averaged 6.57 yards per attempt in his three drives, which was nearly a yard better than Manziel (5.73) managed against Detroit's second and third-team defenses.

And Hoyer is out to improve on those statistics when he again takes the field with the first-team offense on Monday night.

"I think I've played well," Hoyer said. "I think I can play a lot better. There's no doubt about that. I think we're always trying to improve, and for us, things are coming up quick now.

"We play Monday. Then, we come around and play Saturday, so I think, for me, I'm just trying to make big improvements every day. You're to the point where you're trying to play everything perfectly.

"Obviously, we all try to go out and be perfect. The other team's pretty good, too, but you just try to go out and improve all the time. Every day you come out, you either get better or you get worse. There's no in-between, so am I satisfied with how I've played? I think I've played well, but I think I can play a lot better."