BEREA -- Even before Johnny Manziel set foot in Cleveland, fans were lining up at the Browns team shop in Berea to be among the first to get their hands on a jersey.

Dozens of people purchased the shirts even though officially Manziel hasn't been given his number by the Browns. Many fans had the number 2 placed on the jersey, representing Manziel's number when he played quarterback at Texas A&M.

Other fans bought a jersey with just Manziel's name emblazoned on it. The team shop says those fans can bring the jerseys back to have Manziel's team number placed on it once that number is officially selected by the Browns.

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The NFL predicts Manziel's jersey will be among the top 3 in terms of sales this year behind Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning. The Browns didn't have any players crack the Top 50 in terms of jersey sales last year.

The adult jersy costs $150. The youth jersey is $110.

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