Fans have a lot to say about the changes. Most say the current situation isn't working and a change is needed.

Fans have a lot to say about the changes to the Browns front office.

"That's the best thing. Maybe we can move forward a little bit," said one fan.

"Well, I think it can work out for the best of us. We can improve from his. I hope the Browns come out this next season strong and win all the games they can," said Dezvon McGee.

"I'm a loyal fan to this city but I think the ownership needs to be a little more loyal to us and stick with somebody," said Jamaal Boyd.

"I just hope they get it right. They make so many changes. Sometimes you got to stick with what you got and work with it and see how it comes together. Hope it works," said Pretonya Daniels.

Most fans are frustrated but they are still optimistic.

Many repeated what we've heard again and again - "Maybe next year."

But they question how many more changes the team can handle. Overall, they all have the same goal -- to win