CLEVELAND -- Whether it be injuries, losses or struggles in all three phases of the game, the Cleveland Browns have faced plenty of adversity through the first nine weeks of the 2016 regular season.

But despite playing six quarterbacks over the first six weeks of the season and losing nine straight games to start the year, veteran tight end Gary Barnidge knows the team has to overcome any and all obstacles if they hope to break a franchise-record 12-game losing streak.

“It is adversity,” Barnidge said. “You just have to overcome the adversity aspect of it. You can’t look at that kind of stuff. You can’t let it get negative inside. You just have to work each week to get better and get a better result.”

Despite their rookie status, quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott proved too much for the Browns to handle, and the Dallas Cowboys rode the successes of their first-year backfield to the 35-10 road victory at FirstEnergy Stadium Sunday.

Prescott completed 21 of his 27 attempts for 247 yards and three touchdowns without an interception or fumble against the Browns. Elliott complemented Prescott’s performance with a 92-yard, two-touchdown showing on 18 carries.

Following the loss to the Cowboys, linebacker Christian Kirksey said the Browns would not finish the year with an 0-16 record, but to Barnidge, it is less about the overall season and more about focusing on the task at hand, which comes in the form of the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium Thursday night.

“We really can’t worry about that kind of stuff,” Barnidge said. “All we can worry about is this week. We can’t worry about the future games and stuff. We can only worry about what we have coming up this Thursday. The rest of it will play itself out.”

According to Barnidge, comments like Kirksey’s will not distract from the goal of winning, and credits the coaching staff for keeping the atmosphere positive despite the Browns remaining the only winless team in the National Football League.

“Our coaches are doing a good job of preaching against that,” Barnidge said. “They will learn. They will learn from the vets. That is a thing that we have to do as leaders on the team is show what you go through and that there is adversity in the NFL and you just have to overcome it. You learn from it and it makes you stronger as a person.”