CLEVELAND -- A turnover-plagued game led to a 24-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens for the Cleveland Browns, who fell to 0-2 with the setback, their second straight against an AFC North Division foe to start the 2017 season.

Rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer was responsible for four of the Browns’ turnovers, three interceptions and a fumble on a strip sack, but the way he responded to the coaching left a positive impression on his head coach, Hue Jackson.

“Great,” Jackson said of Kizer’s response. “He gets it -- taking responsibility for it, knows that he needs to continue to work harder and better, understands in the National Football League that it is about accuracy, that you have to put the ball where you want to put it at all times and that the other team can’t touch your ball.

“That is so important for our football team. Our margin for error is not very big, and I think we get that. We have to be as close to perfect as we can be, and it starts at that position. He would be the first to tell you that. He knows that, and that is what we are going to work towards.”

Kizer went six of 11 with an interception before being pulled from the game because of the migraine, and in relief, reserve quarterback Kevin Hogan completed five of his 11 attempts for 118 yards with one touchdown and an interception.

After returning to the game on the second drive of the third quarter, Kizer completed nine of his final 20 throws, but had two interceptions. He finished his second NFL start 15 of 31 for 182 yards and one touchdown against three interceptions, as well as a lost fumble.

“All of these things are fixable,” Jackson said. “This guy is a young quarterback. I appreciate and I have the same expectation that you do that every ball that is open that he will throw it straight and that he will hit every ball with pinpoint accuracy and there will be no issues.”

According to Jackson, by the way Kizer has handled everything thrown his way over the first two weeks of the regular season, he has proven to be “everything I think he is” as a second-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft out of the University of Notre Dame.

“He will grow from this,” Jackson said. “It is unfortunate for our team. I don’t want to lose any game because we are turning the ball over or we are not helping our football team, but at the same time, I anticipate that these things can happen to a young quarterback.

“I don’t want four or five turnovers in a game. I never want to see that again, but at the same time, I know that it can happen and we are going to work through this with him. He is going to get better. He is going to work his tail off this week, and he is going to come out and play great this week.”