An amazing day out in Berea. It's always something with the Browns but today may have taken the cake.

Jimmy Haslam stood up firmly as the owner of the Browns today realizing he had to make radical changes in his organization to get the team moving into this critical off-season.

CEO Joe Banner is out as is GM Mike Lombardi.

Haslam has streamlined the organization naming former assistant GM Ray Farmer as General Manager. Alec Scheiner remains as team president.

Behind the move is this: For a long period of time, Haslam has been hands off. He essentially paid a $1 billion and handed it over to Banner to run.

Banner's worst move was in bringing Lombardi back to Cleveland. Lombardi didn't work out here in the 1990s when he was here with Bill Belichick. It didn't work this second time either. The Browns were a mess. The draft put together in spring of 2013 by Banner and Lombardi will go down as one of the worst.

Now the team has a GM in Farmer who had paid his dues and who has 10 picks to work with when he runs this year's draft.

Haslam has streamlined the Browns with the owner back on the job. Haslam --as minority owner-- watched the Steelers for years and how the organization was simple and family-run. He has now put some of those same moves in practice here in Cleveland.