I hope we saw the Browns quarterback of the future yesterday. In My Take back on January 2, Blake Bortles was the guy I was targeting. He made mistakes in the Fiesta Bowl, but kept his poise and led Central Florida to the win.

My take now is if the draft was today, the Browns have to take Bortles at number four.

I know, I haven't been sold on taking a quarterback that high in the draft. But here's my thinking now. Analysts say Bortles made the throws he had to yesterday at his pro day. He looked much better than Teddy Bridgewater, and you can't sell me on Johnny Manziel.

Stop trying.

To me, Bortles shows the most NFL potential.. Here's the dilemma and it's a good problem to have. The Browns are getting better with free agency. I like this team. Chances are more wins next season will mean dropping in the draft and it's tougher to get your first choice.

I love wide receiver Sammy Watkins, but QB is priority number one and this might be the best option out there for years. He's no Andrew Luck. A guy like that comes every decade, but you need the best available as you build for the future. To me it's Bortles. It was in January and it is now with seven weeks until the draft.

The problem is I think Houston likes him too.


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