In an effort to control their new "back-up" quarterback Johnny Manziel, the Browns have told the national media to stay away from rookie camp. Camp will be limited to only the regular local reporters and a few national writers.

Why would went want those national guys coming to Cleveland and spending their money here?

I'm starting to feel the Browns are really nervous. They had no problem rolling out the Manziel jerseys and season ticket packages and watching those sales skyrocket. That part of Manziel mania is ok.

But when it comes to national media attention, nope, the buck stops here.

Bad idea. Manziel is the biggest attraction Cleveland has to offer. I'm sorry city leaders, but Johnny Football is bigger than the Convention Center and the Rock Hall combined. He is money and we're letting go a great marketing opportunity for our city.

This is like Memphis saying Graceland is closed for the weekend, or Orlando is keeping you out of Disney World for a couple of days.

We keep saying we want people to come see what Cleveland has to offer. We now offer Johnny Manziel, and the Browns want to hide him. Come on! Cash in! We don't know how long this is going to last.

If you're so worried about protecting him, then why did you take him?

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