First, I want to give the Browns management credit. They were by far, the most aggressive team last night in the NFL Draft.

I loved the trade early of getting Cornerback Justin Gilbert and a first round pick for next year from Buffalo. But once I saw my pick, Blake Bortles go to Jacksonville, I had the feeling the Browns would target Johnny Manziel.

Not to pop the balloon of your celebration, I still don't like the pick. I'm not convinced Johnny Football will work in the NFL.

There has to be a loser from last night and that is Brian Hoyer.

I know Coach Pettine says he can sit a rookie quarterback and let him learn behind Hoyer. That's fine if you had taken Bortles, Bridgewater or Carr.

It won't work with Johnny Manziel. He has to start. He is like the wild horse trying to break from barn.

Fans will run out and buy jerseys, hats, anything that says Johnny Football on it, and they don't want to spend all that money on a back-up. You can list Hoyer number one on the depth chart right now, but everywhere you go, fans will want Johnny Manziel.

Say Hoyer is the starter on opening day. With a schedule that starts with Pittsburgh, New Orleans and Baltimore, how many losses until fans are calling for Manziel? One?

The fans, and the media all want Johnny. He's the better story. I don't think he's the better quarterback.

Sorry Brian Hoyer, The circus is coming to town today starting with a news conference at 2. Ringmasters don't sit on the sidelines. They're the center of the show.

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