I've said many times, the NFL does pretty much everything right. But at times, they've been accused of taking the fun out of games. NFL = No Fun League.

That gets me to the new rule change. Players will now get a penalty if their touchdown celebration includes dunking the football over the goal post.

Call this the "Jimmy Graham rule." The Saints tight end has made this his move after scoring touchdowns -- and he scores a lot of them.

Here's the problem, and I get it. Jimmy has spiked the ball but also moved the goal post, caused it to go crooked and sparking a delay in the game. Then they have to bring a couple of maintenance guys out with a huge level and right the world again.

I hate delays. It kills momentum swings in sports.

By the way, I don't think this rule change has anything to do with NBA owner Mark Cuban ripping the NFL this week calling it too greedy, or because Johnny Manziel released video showing he can dunk a basketball. No conspiracy, just coincidence.

I don't want the NFL to get rid of other celebrations. Let the guys express themselves. Emotion is as important in this game as first downs. Don't bottle it up. Let the players jump into the seats and keep it fun for the fans too. A spike, a leap, or a little dance are still good with me.


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