Watching the Browns final preseason game Thursday night, I was looking for some comfort with this offense. They were very uncomfortable to watch the first three weeks.

You need good quarterback play to win in today's NFL. It's a "pass-happy" league and that's why the Broncos and Patriots are the best in the AFC.

Brian Hoyer showed Thursday why he's the starter. His one series, he looked in control, hit six of eight passes and got the Browns in the endzone. It's what he needed to do and prove they can score touchdowns.

Johnny Manziel did not change my opinion this preseason. Yes, he's exciting to watch. He shows flashes with his ability to run. He will make plays.

But can he win?

Against a real starting defense, these kinds of plays will look reckless and making decisions on the run could become costly mistakes. Instead of the Bears back-ups, he'll face defenses that are faster and bigger.

Passing-wise, Johnny's still off target with some of his throws. He's not very accurate, just 35 percent in Thursday night's game. That won't get it done in the NFL. Manziel is still not ready. Not sure he will be ready because the regular season is a whole different animal.

I feel better about the Hoyer offense, but with no deep threat with Josh Gordon gone, receivers I don't have a lot of confidence in, this still looks like the offense of a six win team.


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