Saturday night was the most hyped preseason NFL game in years, and it's only going to get worse for next Monday night.

ESPN has already declared "Johnny Football" the starter against RG3 and the Redskins. Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine has not.

Speaking of hype, there are all kinds of reviews on Manziel's first game. I've heard "solid." But then I heard one national radio host say Manziel played brilliantly. Really?

He was 7-11 for 63 yards and an average of less than six yards a pass. He rushed six times for 27 yards. He was exciting, but played brilliantly? To me that better describes Peyton Manning's dismantling of Baltimore last year when he threw seven touchdown passes and scored 49 points on the Ravens defense. That's brilliant.

Manziel is a spark plug and he's exciting, but he makes me nervous. He ran once with his head down right into the tacklers. Then he missed an open receiver at one point and ran with it. These are the ingredients to getting hurt and not lasting in the NFL.

I am old school and Manziel is not my type of NFL quarterback. To me, Brian Hoyer is more comfortable to watch. If you want wins over top plays of the day, then Hoyer still has the edge. Coach Pettine says the race is getting closer but Hoyer still leads.

No question, we're going to keep getting a dose of Manziel, but will it stay a healthy dose?


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