We are taught the lesson of responsibility and consequences at an early age. Don't do this or you'll pay for it with this.

My fourth graders had to sign responsibility contracts this year at school. Ten violations and you see the principal, plain and simple.

The NFL drug policy is like that. A third failed test and you lose a year.

Josh Gordon knew this. He decided not to follow it. Gordon is the only one to blame here.

Some argue the NFL policy on marijuana is not up with the times. Two states have legalized pot and another 20 say it's OK for medical use.

The NFL has not. Just because the law says you can drive 85 miles per hour in Texas, doesn't mean you can go that fast in Ohio. Companies have different policies for their workers. What's OK at Coke may not be OK at Pepsi. Different rules for different companies.

Some say it's not fair because Ray Rice got only two games for domestic violence. I agree the NFL went too easy on Rice, as they need a domestic abuse policy in place immediately, but that doesn't mean you weaken the penalty against Gordon. The drug policy is written, the player's union agreed to it, end of story, Gordon should be suspended for a year.

In a statement, Gordon blamed the NFL for its discretion and judgment. No no no, this story is about Josh Gordon's bad judgment. I'm tired of hearing the blame and the excuses. It's what Gordon has been doing for years and look where it's gotten him.

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