The biggest story out of the NFL combine this weekend was Johnny Manziel's 40 time. National sports radio was still talking about it on my drive in.

Yes, Manziel's official time was 4.68 seconds. But my take: there are more important things to me.

No question Manziel is fast and that can come in handy if he needs to run for his life in the NFL. He also did very well in the vertical jump and broad jump. Again I don't care.

We didn't see his arm because he's waiting for his own day March 27.

But the hype is building even higher because of his time in the 40. Lots of comparisons to the Seahawks Russell Wilson. Wilson won the Super Bowl. He's fast but he's also smart. The Seahawks offense was only ranked 17th. But Wilson doesn't make mistakes. That's more important than speed.

Look at the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, etc. They're not known for their speed. Tom Brady has one of the slowest 40 times on record, but he was quick to hold up three Super Bowl trophies. It's their decision making that equals wins.

A lot of talk over quarterback speed this weekend. I'm more curious about the arm, the leadership and the football intelligence. Wilson has all that too. We won't know about Manziel until he plays in the NFL.


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