CLEVELAND -- To all the other sports out there, the sleeping giant that we call the NFL wakes up this week. It's the only sport where your team plays once a week, but dominates the conversation all seven. We love our football in this country.

It is also power ranking week. According to, the Browns are currently the 22nd best team in the NFL.

My Take: I'm good with that. That's where the Browns should be right now.

For me, still too many questions out there with the offense.

Success in the NFL is based on quarterback play, and can the Browns even keep theirs healthy? The Browns can keep telling us that Brian Hoyer is the starting quarterback right now, but really, how long can they afford to keep Johnny Manziel on the sideline? You don't use the 22nd pick for a guy to watch the game. So when he gets his chance, can Manziel move the Browns into the top 20, or even the top 10?

Still questions at receiver. If no Josh Gordon, then no big threat for the offense. These are big question marks in a league that wants points and a lot of them.

The Browns are not the Cavs. There is no LeBron move that can make the Browns an overnight title contender. But I feel better about this team. They are moving in the right direction with finally the right decision-makers in place.

But higher than 22nd? I don't think so. I'm good with that heading into camp.


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