You can argue the Browns have the best center in the NFL. Alex Mack is about to get paid like it, so why would you let him go?

Jacksonville has offered Mack a five-year deal, and sources tell ESPN that he wants to play for the Jaguars. That's the reason you let him go.

Sure, Mack is valuable, especially for protecting your most valuable asset: The new quarterback you take in the draft. Jimmy Haslam has said he wants to keep Mack, and he'll have five days to match the offer once it's signed.

But if Mack's heart is in Jacksonville, I question taking him back. GM Ray Farmer and Coach Mike Pettine are building this team with guys who want to be Cleveland Browns. They're not just saying it. They're living it.

That's who I want here. Guys who are not getting lost in the bright lights of Jacksonville?

Plus, the Browns also need to come up with long-term deals for Joe Haden and Josh Gordon. Yes, it could be tough saying goodbye to a Pro Bowl center, but other needs are more important to reach the Super Bowl.

Alex Mack, if you really want to leave for the sunny skies of Jacksonville, then take it. I want guys who want to be here, playing in January on a team with a brighter future.


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