For today's take, I could have talked about the NCAA teams getting snubbed by the tournament. But to me, it's tough to make a case for a team that didn't make the top 68. Sorry SMU and Florida State, you are 69 and 70. You're not invited.

Wait until college football and the number five team will really have a case.

Instead I want to talk about what blew up my Twitter feed on Saturday. I love the Browns signing running back Ben Tate. Tate will fill one of the holes and take some pressure off whoever is the quarterback.

But this move also shows there is a change of attitude. Tate wants to be here in Cleveland, and the new guys calling the shots, Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine did not let him leave town without a contract.

Remember the old regime let Coach Chip Kelly off the hook. Joe Banner should have locked the door until Kelly signed a contract. Kelly is in Philly and has already coached the Eagles to the playoffs.

But it seems different with the new administration. The Browns are not Denver or New England yet, but moving in that direction. If they can make it that far will depend on the toughest decision they'll have to make at quarterback.

Ben Tate was a good move, in what's been a good free agency so far.


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