KERRVILLE, Tx. -- Antler Stadium at Kerrville Tivy High School is where Johnny Manziel officially became 'Johnny Football.' It is at that high school and in that town where they were always thinking Manziel would be a member of the Houston Texans.

It was not the Cleveland Browns they had in mind on draft night this year. Kerrville is a town where the mayor has talked about renaming Main Street after Johnny Manziel. This a place where they have had Texan blood run through them for decades.

THE MANZIEL EFFECT: The Texans Are Coming To Cleveland

But nowadays they have shifted their allegiance, and in fact they say it's a good fit. Those who are Texas A&M fans fit nicely in the dog pound. While visiting, WKYC stopped by the Lazy Dog Bar, where not only were they wearing jerseys, the signs were up and spirits were up. And they may be up in Cleveland before too long.

"People ask me 'Are you truly a Cleveland Browns fan now?'" said Jamie McDaniel, a Kerrville native and Manziel fan. "If the Browns and Cowboys are playing at the exact same time, I'm watching the Browns, I'm not watching the Cowboys."

Manziel fans have noticed a pattern -- construction follows Johnny. Consider FirstEnergy Stadium, undergoing a major facelift in time for Manziel's debut. Meantime, at Antler stadium in Kerrville, there are construction cranes as well.

THE MANZIEL EFFECT: Where Johnny plays, the money follows

Kerrville residents say they like that LeBron James has come back to Cleveland. It takes some of the spotlight off their guy, allows him to loosen up a little. That way, they can see what they saw for so many years deep in the heart of Texas.

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