Some believe Johnny Manziel is the best quarterback in the draft. I've heard from you.

I do not.

Too risky, too small. I don't believe he will play disciplined football when he's running around and I'm not sure he can survive an NFL hit.

Since January 2, my pick has been Blake Bortles. I believe he has the most potential. He's not an Andrew Luck. There isn't one of those in this draft.

But is Derek Carr the best in this class? He has at least one vote from himself. He told the NFL Network he is "absolutely" the best quarterback in this class. He says, "We can turn the film on, sit down and watch it and we'll talk about it and I'll convince you."

He's got the tools. 6-2, 214 pounds, strong arm, scouts say he has good vision down field and his numbers were through the roof at Fresno State. Senior season, over 5,000 yards and 50 TD's in the Mountain West. And he has confidence.

Maybe he's right.. But then maybe this class isn't NFL good. Houston, Jacksonville, the Browns, Oakland, and Minnesota all need quarterbacks. It may take just one team to start the dominoes falling and we see the run on QB's early in the draft.

I'll still take Bortles. I think he's in the conversation in 3-5 years. Not sure about Carr or Manziel who are confident to talk a good game.


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