Here's the story causing the buzz around football. Missouri defensive end Michael Sam told ESPN and the New York Times that he's gay. He's being applauded for doing this before the draft. But is the NFL ready?

My take shows there are signs the league is not.

Michael Sam has proven he can play the game. He was SEC defensive player of the year and in mock drafts, he's expected to be a top 10 defensive lineman.

But I read the Sports Illustrated article that quotes NFL executives, saying that Michael Sam's admission could hurt him in the draft.

The NFL has already dealt with media circuses involving Tim Tebow and Michael Vick, which I know are entirely different cases. I saw firsthand Vick's return from prison, and his teammates grew tired of answering the same questions over and over. Will teams look at these examples and decide they can't handle the attention this story will get?

Sam says his Missouri teammates accepted him. How long until an NFL team can do the same?

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