What does the future hold for UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic after his second straight title defense

Only time will tell.

“There’s a lot of things I’m willing to do, but I’ve got to take a step back and look at the whole thing now,” Miocic said. “There’s a lot of things I need to look into. Leave it at that.

“I just need to sit back and take a look at everything.”

Miocic avenged one of only two losses on his professional record with the knockout of Junior dos Santos at the 2:24 mark of the very first round in the main event of UFC 211 at American Airlines Center in Dallas Saturday night.

Miocic finished off the victory when he backed up dos Santos against the cage and floored him with a right hand to the head.

After dos Santos fell to the canvas, Miocic pounced on the opportunity to finish the fight and fired off more than a dozen left-handed punches through his opponent's defense that went unanswered, which forced referee Herb Dean to call a stop to the bout.

“I’m a little beat up,” Miocic said. “It’s not so much about the fights. It’s more about the camp. The camp’s the sucky part. That (stuff) sucks. God, I hate camp. I don’t know, man. I need to take some time. I’ve got a lot of stuff to think about.”

Including the knockout of dos Santos, Miocic has won five straight bouts. All five of those victories have come by knockout or TKO, and the last four were achieved in the very first round of competition. Now, Miocic is 17-2 in his professional career, and 11-2 in his 13 bouts under the UFC banner.

Additionally, Miocic has gotten four straight Performance or Fight of the Night bonuses.

“I don’t pick my fights,” Miocic said. “I’ll fight anyone, but I need to sit back and take a look at everything before I make a decision.”

The UFC heavyweight champion since his knockout of Fabricio Werdum last May, Miocic has fought all over the world against the best and biggest MMA practitioners, and shortly before the announcement of the dos Santos rematch, he made his issues with the UFC public.

However, following the win over dos Santos, Miocic clarified his stance with the UFC.

“Listen, I’m going to be me,” Miocic said. “What you see on Embedded is how I am, 24-7, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. That’s exactly how I am.

“I’m surprised my wife hasn’t left me yet because she puts up with a lot of (stuff), but I’m never going to change. If they want to promote me, awesome, but I’m not going to beg about it. I’m going to be the guy I am, a normal Midwest boy that loves to fight, likes to win and is a fireman.”

And no matter who and when Miocic fights next, his focus is squarely on retaining the title for a heavyweight division record third straight fight.

“I’m going to win again,” Miocic said. “I don’t really care. Like I said, I’ve got the best coaches in the world, and we’ll have a better gameplan walking in. We’re going to learn from the mistakes the last fight we did, bring them in, walk in and walk out with the belt still wrapped around my waist.”