Have you ever wanted to launch your own tech company but don't exactly where to start?

There's a tech accelerator right here in Cleveland ready to help push you to the next level.

A 30,0000 square foot office space located in the heart of Tower City, is the home to 30 different tech companies.

All of them trying to emerge as the next big thing.

The tech companies are apart of the technology accelerator, Flashstarts.

Flashstarts says if you have any interest in working for technology startup, they're the company for you.

"We take people, money, and ideas, and turn them into viable companies," said Charles Stack, Flashstarts CEO.

He says now is the best time to start living your dream, because there are millions of dollars available for investment.

Flashstarts searches for the best seed stage companies to invest in and then prepares them for other long-term investors.

The company has seen success with start-ups such as Wheedle, a search booking and ticketing solution, and a coding academy that prepares students for jobs in technology and computer code.

Each company that Flashstarts has worked with has started off small, and has been able to grow using additional investment funds from Flashstarts which is funded with a combination of government and private money.

According to Stack, " If you ever had the idea to be your own boss and launch a startup, now would be the best time ever."