10 years ago today, the very first iPhone went on sale. It didn't have an app store or a selfie cam, back then.

It was smaller... a little slower when you fired it up. It felt pretty much the same, but the world hasn't been the same ever since.

"We are calling it iPhone."

Steve Jobs made a promise a decade ago.

"Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone," said Jobs.

"This is how you turn it on," he continued.

A single device that would banish all Blackberries and Qwerty keyboards.

It was one of the most hyped tech announcements ever made. And when it finally came out there were lines around the block.

Some saying, "It's like a historic occasion."

Steven Levy of Backchannel, was one of the first journalists given a prototype.

"You could see right away that this was a device that was different than anything that had come down the pike," said Levy.

10 years and 15 models later, Steve Jobs was right on the money.

Apple is worth nearly a trillion dollars and more than a billion iPhones have been sold.

The iPhone bringing to market-touch screens, selfie cameras...all connected to the iCloud and carrying more computing power in our pocket than it took to put a man on the moon. It’s been drawing people closer together...while sometimes making us forget about those a few feet away.

The app store has become fertile ground for tech giants...Facebook, Uber, Snapchat...all given a space to grow into their own revolutions.

And even here in the news...it's innovated the way we can broadcast. From anywhere in the world we can go live, with just a phone.

A phone that changed everything,

"I think this is where the world's going," said Jobs.

A prophesy that came true.

One fascinating, little piece of trivia: since the iPhone came out, chewing gum sales have dropped.
The theory? People are now staring at their phones at the grocery store checkout line!