Uber's driver screening practices are in the spotlight once again tonight.

The ride sharing company is being named in a new lawsuit after reports of women being sexually harassed and in some cases, raped.

"You can't trust everybody,” Sara Ergen, an Uber rider, said.

The ride-sharing giant is being sued by two women who said they were sexually assaulted because drivers weren’t thoroughly vetted.

They said they fear other women could go through the same experience.

"I think a lot of things are coming to light in 2017 that I think us men even if we haven't experienced, need to think about more,” Chris Leach, a male Uber rider, said.

Right now, Uber requires drivers to be at least 21 years old with valid car insurance and a social security number. They also require background checks to look for DUIs and criminal history.

"Not everyone loves it, but regulation I think is really the best way, regulation and reporting,” Leach said.

The threat extends to drivers, too. Women who said they have to be extra careful when they’re working alone.

"I always let people know where I am, like a family member,” Suhad Hasan, Uber driver, said. “I'll text them and let them know what area I'll be in."

"I know the best places to go and the worst places to go so of course I try to avoid the worst places,” Cynthia Story, driver said.

Of the people interviewed, two out of four said they knew someone who had a bad experience with an Uber driver, making it more important to have a plan.

"I'm a very aware person so I think as long as you know your surroundings and you have someone to contact if anything should happen and just be polite,” Ergen said.

“I have a strong belief in God and I believe that I'll be protected, hopefully,” Hasan said.

A spokesperson from Uber told NBC News in an email: “Uber received this complaint today and we are in the process of reviewing it. These allegations are important to us and we take them very seriously.”