If you’ve taken the Shoreway westbound around rush hour, you know the frustration.

There’s slow moving traffic, backed up for miles because of the one-lane closure.

On Thursday nights, most drivers said their anxiety doubled because getting to Edgewater Live is a nightmare.

"Coming down this road is really hectic, really hectic,” Antoinette Hunt, driver, said.

"It's hard to come in from the opposite side of the freeway here, so yea that is a problem,” Saletia Wilford, driver said.

Hang tight! Marissa McDaid from the Ohio Department of Transportation said one part of the Lakefront West resurfacing project is wrapping up soon.

"Weather permitting, we really hope to have two lanes of traffic open again by this weekend,” McDaid said.

However, we’re not completely in the clear yet. There are a few more stages before it’s safe for drivers.

"If you can imagine, maybe a manhole that's sticking up a little too far, that's really dangerous to hit,” McDaid said. "We aren't going to open that until it's safe to drive on so that's why we have it down to one lane."

The last part of the project means the eastbound lanes will be reduced to one for about a week, but if you need relief from the chaos, you can take an alternate route.

"People who are just looking to get to and from Lakewood, a great alternate route would be I-90,” McDaid said.

As far as Thursday night’s beach party, one driver said there’s a surefire way to beat the traffic – get there early.

For the Fourth of July holiday, both lanes on both sides will remain open.

Construction will start again on Friday.