Spring is in the air.

In Summit County, that means spending a little more time in the car, especially if point A to point B involves I-77 and its laundry list of construction projects either "underway" or "on the way."

"Phewww bad! Bad!," says Frank Fracchione.

Frank is a bit of an expert on traveling I-77 from the Cuyahoga/ Summit County border, south.

“If you're going to work, gotta be there in an hour, leave an hour early,” suggests Frank, speaking from experience.

"Every day I travel 88 miles in ONE DIRECTION," says Fracchione.

At I-77 between SR 21 and Cleveland Massilon Rd, crews will be doing some night paving.

On I-76 between Norton and Barberton, you should be ready for some pavement repairs and reconstruction...$80 million dollars worth.

A little further north closer to Cleveland, a new project as of early March to widen I-77 between Oakes Rd. and the Turnpike by one lane, to eventually 3 lanes both ways.

For now, it's changing speed limits that make this project unique.

"It varies. It goes from 55 to 60," Fracchione says again from experience.

ODOT says the reduced speed limit is only when crews are working, both during the day or night.

"Well they're speed trap zones. Cuz they are there waiting for ya. So pay attention,” Frank laughs.

"Leave an hour and a half early. Just in case. It's bad. It’s bad. It's real bad," says Fracchione.

If you are already feeling Frank’s pain, consider it all in the name of progress and continue to pack your patience.
The I-77/turnpike project is slated for completion July 2019.