With millions of people still without power thanks to Hurricane Irma, Florida Power and Light began tackling the biggest outage event in its history, mobilizing an army of more than 19-thousand workers.

"You can’t just go to Walmart get a big extension cord and plug it in, it doesn’t work that way." said Mark Durbin of FirstEnergy.

The catastrophic events in both Houston and now in Florida have called for drastic measures for help across the board.

Many organizations from all over the world have stepped up to the plate to help those in need including Mt. Zion in Oakwood Village.

"At the end of the day we believe God has enabled us to help people so that’s our main goal." said Pastor Makin of Mt. Zion

Also on that list of giving, FirstEnergy, who sent down 900 workers including linemen, tree trimmers, and electricians.

"At the end of the day were all utility workers and we don’t want those customers to not have power." said Durbin

Durbin, who has been working closely with the Florida team, tell us sometimes its as easy as flipping a switch. Other cases it’s a lot more complicated because electricity does not simply need to be restored, but to be rebuilt.

They say it could be weeks until power is fully restored and that’s why the extra help will be much appreciated.