Snow will be developing across much of northern Ohio tonight.

And while the totals may not be overly alarming, the impact on the morning commute may need your attention.

It is all about time of day, intensity of snow and windy conditions.

The heaviest snow is expected to fall after midnight and then taper off after 6AM from north to south.

There is still a lot of uncertainty with this storm system, but slushy/snowy conditions are likely. With heavy, wet snow falling and brisk breezes blowing, power outages could also be an issue.

This is NOT lake effect. This storm system is coming at us from the southwest. As a result the heavier snow accumulations will be south as well.

This is where Winter Weather Advisories are posted (the advisory ends in Tuscarawas and Carroll counties at 8PM, elsewhere 11AM).

The morning commute will likely be slushy. And power outages could be an issue.

But we've been through worse.

Of course with morning snow chances comes chances for school closings or delays.

So good luck to you.

The best new is that the snow moves out mid-day. We'll actually see some sun peeks possible by evening.

The "bestest" news is that we get into a sunny streak after tomorrow. Temperatures will slowly be warming all the way into next week.

Welcome spring! (hahahaha)

TONIGHT| Snow developing. Heavy snow at times in the early morning. | 20s

WEDNESDAY | Snow lingers early, moves out by mid-day, then some sun peeks. COLD! | Mid 30s

THURSDAY | Partly cloudy and cool. | Around 40 (warmer south)

FRIDAY | Mostly sunny. | Around 40 (warmer south)

SATURDAY | Mostly sunny. | Around 40 (warmer south)

SUNDAY | Sunny. | Mid 40s (warmer south)

MONDAY | Mostly sunny. | Low 50s

TUESDAY| Partly cloudy. | Mid 50s

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