Tropical Rainstorm Harvey continues to progress off to the north and east across the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys, producing heavy rain and flooding as it does so.

Rainfall total accumulations are expected to be between 4-8 inches across western and central Kentucky. There will be a few locations that receive close to 8 inches when all is said and done. As a result of this heavy rainfall, flooding will be likely across some areas. Harvey will continue moving to the north and east, spreading heavy rainfall into the Ohio Valley.

By Saturday and Sunday, Harvey will arrive in the mid-Atlantic. Some soaking downpours are expected across Pennsylvania, New York and New England as it continues off to the northeast. Elsewhere in the Atlantic Basin, we are closely monitoring powerful major Hurricane Irma. Irma has weakened slightly and is now a Category 2 hurricane.

Irma will travel in a general westward motion through the central tropical Atlantic into early next week. Irma will likely intensify as it approaches the Lesser Antilles next week. Much is still quite unclear regarding the steering flow of Irma, but there is certainly the distinct possibility that Irma will affect the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico.

The Caribbean islands need to closely monitor future trends with Irma, as it would likely lead to devastating impacts if the storm moves on a more southerly track.




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