A mother and daughter carried from their bedroom by a tornado - are doing okay tonight. The EF-2 hit Richland County last night, tearing the Cooper's home apart. Carly Flynn Morgan spoke with them about surviving the storm and where they go from here.

Just 24 hours ago, the Coopers were snuggled safely inside their home,not knowing an intense storm was on the horizon. The resilient family is amazed and thankful that no one was seriously injured.

"I wanted to live in this house, I wanted to die in this house, but not this soon," said Susan Cooper.

After 10 years here, Susan Cooper is used to strong winds at her family's home in Crestline. She and 4-year-old Alyse were sleeping through a storm around 11:30, Monday night.

"All of the sudden the winds started getting vicious and I could see it hitting the windows, almost like the walls were breathing. And like within seconds the windows exploded the wall right here and the ceiling I think came down all at the same time on top of us."

Susan and Alyse were curled up in their bed here when the room literally ripped apart. They went flying on their mattress. The mattress headed toward the railroad tracks, they landed on their hands and knees.

Clutching her daughter on the ground, stunned, Susan realized she and little Alyse were okay. Through blinding rain she made it back to the house... to find her son J. C. and husband John - unharmed.

"We made it out completely fine," said Susan

Well, a little bruised and battered, but okay. Two dogs and two cats are accounted for, as well. The house however... shredded. But even J. C. knows when to count your blessings.

"Somehow God had to help, because there's no other way they could survive something like that," said J.C.

A loving family, brought even closer after the storm.

"I don't know what I would have actually done if I didn't have her to hold onto. So I think she saved me by being there. So together we saved each other."

Susan tells me they will rebuild right here, but it will take time. The family has organized a GoFundMe page to accept donations.