The storm this Monday through Wednesday could end up being the biggest wide-spread snow event our area has seen all year. This winter’s been so mild overall, maybe you decided not to hire that seasonal snow removal company this year. Well, if you need a plow ASAP or want to schedule one for next-day service -- download the PLOWZ app.

Jason Javorsky is gearing up for a big 48 hours. He owns All Seasons Professional Services, which he runs from his house in Parma.

“I’m a little nervous and I’m a little excited, because it’s been a slow season,” he said.

90 percent of Javorsky’s business comes from the PLOWZ app. It has taken off in Cleveland with just 10 providers when it started in 2014. Now it’s up to 300 insured landscapers running the plows.

Here’s how it works: You download the app and register -- giving some quick details about your driveway. Then, request a plow. You have three options for scheduling: ASAP, tomorrow a.m. and tomorrow p.m. If you choose ASAP, PLOWZ says in the Cleveland area, someone will generally be out within the hour.

The average cost to plow a driveway in Northeast Ohio is $35 to $40. Payment happens through the app and that’s where all communication is kept as well so customers can feel secure.

When the job’s done, the driver sends a photo of the finished product. Javorsky hopes to send lots of those this week.

“I’m ready for it. I’ve got all my stuff. I’m ready. I’m going to bed early tonight. I’m excited. I’m ready to go work,” he said.

During the last big snow, Javorsky worked a 15 hour day and never ran out of jobs. He took home about $2,000 after that shift. So it’s a lucrative business when it actually does snow.