Get ready for a November roller coaster ride.

Friday brought record-breaking warmth as temperatures soar above average into the 70-degree range.

But the heat didn't last long because Mother Nature has a nasty trick up her sleeve.

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Saturday will see a dramatic shift with Northeast Ohio getting its first wintry blast of the season.

Yes... That means we’re going from shorts and flip-flops to winter coats and boots.

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But how much snow will the weekend bring?

A swath of the Channel 3 viewing area can expect 1-3 inches by Sunday afternoon, while some spots east of Cleveland can expect up to 5 inches.

“I think temperature is the key here,” WKYC meteorologist Greg Dee says. “Just a couple of degrees different will really make a difference in those accumulations. For many of you, it may just be on grassy surfaces. I don’t think this will be a big impact to travel -- at least during the daylight hours on Saturday.”