Kara Stinson is hardly a stranger to challenges. She has climbed the world’s tallest peaks and seen some of the planet’s most stunning vistas.

She also knows just how critical it can be to dress for it, layering as needed.

Forecasters say this weekend could feel a lot like a mountain climb; warmer at the beginning and cold at the end.

It is why you will want to be ready.

Meteorologist Greg Dee suggests keeping an eye on ohgo.com, which is operated by ODOT.

The site allows you to get a real-time look at road conditions when the snow starts to fall, before you leave your house.

As for what to wear, many makers of gloves now have technology that allows you to use your smart phones even while your gloves on.

And if the wind picks up, experts say fleece may run the risk of allowing cold air through.

At REI.com, they recommend wearing something with a strong outer shell--whether that wicked weather is on the side of the mountain, or simply your mall’s parking lot.