The casualties of high winds Tuesday night into Wednesday in Lakewood seem to be toppled trees and power polls.

Clifton between Cooke and Summit was shut down for hours Wednesday afternoon and evening during busy times, including rush hour -- which precipitated a lot of honking, flared tempers, and frayed nerves, but thankfully no injuries so far.

A tree fell onto a home at Lake near Leedale.

The tree fell from the root and splintered.

Randy Newell got a text from his neighbor about the tree and rushed home to make sure he didn’t have a serious problem on his hands.

Turned out, there wasn’t serious damage.

The issue of downed trees a big problem in Lakewood where there are many big old trees in close to residences.

A moist ground doesn’t help much.

Randy took down his flagpole knowing that the wind could be a problem.

He was right.

Don't forget Wednesday was trash day for some in Lakewood, so several garbage cans blew into the street and some residents saw garbage covered roads.

WKYC’s Hilary Golston reports her crew had to dodge a few trash cans on their way into Lakewood.

Back east, Madison saw a good deal of windy weather, leaving residents with tree trunks in their front and back yards.

“We were like what is that,” Kevyn Overacre said as he and the folks in his home heard the loud noises. They went outside and discovered tree branches everywhere, forcing them to “move it out of the driveway.”