With the first snow of the season in Northeast Ohio Saturday, people are readjusting to how to drive in winter weather.

You can decrease your chances of an accident by winterizing your vehicle.

Eric Elshaw works as a technician at Midas in Mayfield Heights. He shared his expertise with us when it comes to preparing your car for the weather to come.

He says, ideally yes, you’d put snow tires on your car. But a good all-season tire will do, too.

“Making sure that you don’t have a performance or a summer-rated tire on your car is definitely very important. Those barely get any traction,” said Elshaw.

Check your tread depth. If your tires are bald you need to replace them.

Put your best tires on the back of your car.

“A lot of people think, front wheel drive, they have to have them up front. It’s actually better to have them in the rear, because most cars when the back end slides out it’s because the tires in the back are completely bald,” said Elshaw.

Some more tips: check your tire inflation, make sure your brakes have a healthy life left and swap out your transmission and cooling fluid.

You might not be ready for winter, but at least your vehicle can be.