Review: "This is Us" already breaking records

This is Us

REVIEW: "THIS IS US" ALREADY BREAKING RE - What does a brand-new father-to-be, a woman struggling with her weight, a man on a search for his biological father, and a bored sitcom actor searching for meaning have in common? They are all turning 36 and life doesn’t look exactly the way they expected it to. Oh, and they share a bit more than their birthdays.

If this new series’ warm and fuzzy sentiment looks so familiar it’s because it’s written by emotional wizard Dan Fogelman, who brought us the 2011 romantic comedy, Crazy, Stupid, Love. While this series doesn’t offer a shirtless Ryan Gosling, it does deliver a Milo Ventimiglia in his 36th “birthday suit,” which probably attributed to some of the millions of views the trailer received. (It reached a staggering 51 million views on Facebook during its first week.)

This dramedy hasn’t even premiered yet and it’s already the most popular new kid on the block. Without any mega star names or special effects, the series relies on raw emotion and a twisting plot that keeps eyes glued. Not to mention a long-lost pop-culture princess we have missed dearly, Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember, The Princess Diaries). Moore’s performance as a new mother, (Ventimiglia’s on-screen wife) experiencing child-birth complications will make you beg her to never leave us again.

The life of each of these characters has reached a fork in the road. While Kate (Chrissy Metz) has to learn to say no to her old diet, she may have to learn to say yes to love. Kevin (Justin Hartley) discovers his life as a goofy and always shirtless actor lacks meaning while models are draped over him on his 36th birthday. Randall (Sterling K. Brown) decides he hates his biological father for leaving him as a child but needs to find him regardless.

If you’re concerned following the lives of these 36 year olds is going to be too many tears and not enough laughs, you can relax. The tender moments are matched with warm-hearted comedic value. Good luck trying to look away as their lives interlace in compelling ways.

This Is Us premieres on NBC September 20 |10/9c


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