From the best and worst days to buy gas to how to get free talk and text on your cell phone.

One for the Money: best places to get gas discounts, free cell phone bill

When to Fill Up Your Car

Have you noticed gas prices lately? They're dropping around the country; down 7 cents in two weeks to $2.32.

Here we're even lower at $2.16 according to Gas Buddy.

But did you know they're are good and bad days to buy it?

The best day...typically Monday or Tuesday. The worst...Thursday or Saturday. But since each state can vary a little your best bet is to check with the Gas Buddy App or website, which is a great way to find the best prices no matter where you are.

Then there's the obvious way to save on gas...don't buy Premium unless your owner's manual says you have to. You don't want to void a warranty. But many manufacturers just simply "recommend" it.


Call Your Credit Card and Save

And here's another way to save money: Call your credit card.

According to a survey by, if you ask them for something, they'll often give it to you.
-89% of people surveyed received a higher credit limit
-87% got a late payment waived
-82% had their annual fee waived or reduced
-69% got a lower interest rate

The bad news is most people don't ask for any of those things.  But I have, and I am usually successful.

Free Cell Service

Now let's go from lower cost to free.

There's an app called What's App which is huge in Europe.  It gives you 200 minutes of voice, and 500 minuutes of text and video.... for free, by using a wifi connection instead of your cell network. You can can make International calls with the app and you can also use it on your tablet.

The only catch is the person you're calling has to have the app too or you'll get hit with data charges from your cell provider.

You can get unlimited talk, text and data for $35 a month which is still a deal.

As for the sound quality, CNET says it's consistent with Voice Over Internet Service which can be inconsistent, but I have a friend who uses it and he says it's crystal clear.

So for a phone or tablet that you use only occasionally, that deal is One For the Money.

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