‘T.D. Jakes' show premieres on WKYC

Sept. 12, 2016: Here's a peek at 'No Excuses,' the first episode of the 'T.D. Jakes' show.

We are excited for pastor T.D. Jakes to join the Channel 3 daytime lineup.

The Dallas Mega Church pastor is adding another title to his list: Talk show host.

T.D. Jakes airs at 3 p.m. each weekday on Channel 3.

Here’s a closer look at what to expect from the show’s premiere this week.

Episode 1: Monday, Sept. 12 – “No Excuses”

Noah Galloway discusses how he overcame drinking to become a sensation on “Dancing With the Stars.” A woman who is a life coach discusses how her life is actually a mess. Three young people tell of their inspiring stories of overcoming homelessness to attend college. A woman who lost 300 lbs whose community helped her cross the finish line of a 10K.

Episode 2: Tuesday, Sept. 13 – “Culture Clash”

America’s diverse melting pot causes cultures to collide causing conflict, crises and stress within families. On this episode, T.D. Jakes will explore this topic starting with a teen poet addressing the cultural privileges of being white in America; we’ll laugh with the stars of Kosher Soul, a comedic reality TV show about an African-American man who converts to Judaism after his engagement to his Jewish fiancée, and we’ll speak with a married couple that has the challenges of assimilating African-American, Italian and Slovenian cultural backgrounds while raising three adopted Native American children. Also, Bishop Jakes will counsel a young woman who is confronting community and family backlash after she decides to convert from Islam to Christianity. Along with a cultural anthropologist and Cuban American blogger blending her heritage with that of her African American husband, this show will examine how we’re more alike than we are apart.

Episode 3: Wednesday, Sept. 14 – “Seeking Forgiveness”

Maritza is seeking forgiveness from her 20-year-old twins, Andre & Sabrina. She admits to physically and emotionally abusing her children to where she lost custody of Sabrina. Andre was so out of control as a teen that he impregnated two different women, began shoplifting and started taking pills. Sabrina was sexually active at 11 and at 16. She beat her mother up so bad that she was put into foster care after the incident. The Bishop wants to bridge the gap between a mother and her children if possible and will help this family realize that forgiveness is not about absolving the other person of their wrongdoing. It’s about releasing yourself from the pain that their actions have caused you...a releasing of the past.

Episode 4: Thursday, Sept. 15 – "Why Am I Still Single?"

Research indicates that there are multiple reasons that people in today’s society remain single. Men and women alike, may exhibit poor family patterns resulting in what has been deemed a “bad picker.” Others may suffer from a lack of confidence. Bishop T.D. Jakes will take a deep and cerebral dive into the reasons why so many people remain single in today’s society.

Episode 5: Friday, Sept. 16 – “Hero Parents”

We will hear the stories of 3 parents who are selfless and have earned the title of “Hero Parents.” Traci Tigue donated a sliver of her liver to her son. Jessica mother of 3 kids, saved her kids and her niece and was left paralyzed when she protected them from a falling tree. Val and Larry each have 3 children of their own and have recently opened up their home to 2 more adopted kids and 3 foster kids and have created a way for foster kids to feel like they are being raised in a real home. Val and Larry act as house parents allowing the foster children to feel like they are being raised as a family.


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