FLASHBACK | Former rides at Cedar Point

SANDUSKY -- They call themselves America's Roller Coast, but did you know Cedar Point is the second-oldest amusement park in America?

Since 1870, millions have flocked to the summertime scream park to get an annual adrenaline rush.

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Today, the Sandusky skyline is pierced with Cedar Point's 17 roller coasters and dozens of other rides.

You've ridden GateKeeper, Millennium Force, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster and Raptor. You've climbed aboard Gemini, WindSeeker, Wicked Twister and Magnum.

But unless you're a fanatic, you likely haven't heard of Cedar Point's first-ever roller coaster: The Switchback Railway.

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The Switchback Railway began the park's roller coaster revolution when it debuted in 1892. It was a monster attraction for its time. The wooden coaster stood 25 feet tall and soared to speeds of 10 mph. Thrilling, right?

After 15 years of excitement, the Switchback Railway ultimately closed in 1907 -- way back when President Theodore Roosevelt was in office.

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As times changed, so did the rides. They got bigger, badder, taller and faster. When new attractions were built, many met their demise.

Here are some of the recent ride demolitions:

  • White Water Landing log flume (1982-2005). Removed to make room for the Maverick roller coaster.
  • Demon Drop (1983-2009).
  • WildCat roller coaster (1970-2011). Removed to make room for the night-time "Luminosity" show.

  • Disaster Transport indoor roller coaster (1985-2012). Removed to make room for GateKeeper.

  • Space Spiral rotating observation tower (1965-2012). Removed to make room for GateKeeper.

And the process continues…

From the Pirate Ride to Earthquake, there is so much to Cedar Point's past that you may have never known existed. Every Halloween season, many of the park's "dead" attractions are honored in the HalloWeekends graveyard along the main Midway, unearthing memories of scream machines from yesteryear.

As the park hosts its 146th season in 2015 (opening May 9) with the Rougarou floorless coaster -- a transition of the Mantis stand-up attraction -- we thought it would be fun to take a deep look back at some of Cedar Point's past rides. Take a look through the gallery above.


Do you have any special memories of Cedar Point? What is your favorite ride there? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment in the section below.


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