Couple gets married on Cedar Point's new water slide

One couple got married at noon Wednesday in a slippery wet way at Cedar Point's newly expanded water park. Read more here:

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- They skipped the wedding dress and tux, instead wearing bathing suits to begin their lives together.

One couple got married at noon Wednesday in a slippery wet way at Cedar Point's newly expanded water park.

They first exchanged rings at the bottom before racing to the top of a six-story slide and saying "I do." Once they sealed everything with a kiss, the newlyweds climbed inside a Point Plummet capsule to take the plunge on a 400-foot-long adventure that begins with the floor dropping from beneath their bare feet.

We streamed live coverage of the wedding on Facebook.

See photos of the wedding:

A makeshift wedding reception with friends and family was held for the happy couple at the bottom of the slide.

It was part of a nationwide contest in which Cedar Point searched for couples daring enough to exchange their vows before literally taking the plunge.

A couple from North Canton had also been selected to get married atop the slide, but later backed out.


Steve Gifford (35) and Rachel Zaborowski (29) from Springfield, Illinois: Steve and I actually met three years before we started dating. At that time we did not care for one another. But after several years past and I began working out, a mutual interest in weightlifting became the entry point into being friends and later, as I like to say, he wore me down to dating. Truth be told we are both independent people and somehow found another person that we enjoy having around all the time. Steve is a SGT in the Illinois National Guard so our life is often interrupted with drills and training. Recently we have found out that I have the BRCA2 mutation which causes breast cancer, in the screening process they found a mass and though it hasn't been determined cancerous or not, we are facing surgery and lifetime of monitoring. None of that has shaken him, a former confirmed bachelor who decided I was his person; he has stood by me through it all. We were planning on marrying this September, but agreed we would JUMP at the chance to be married at Cedar Point. We actually tried to book our wedding there but was told, very politely, that Cedar Point wasn't doing that currently but we would be contacted if that changed. Cedar Point is a special place for us, and it has been the location of many memorable visits and events. Our first time in the park together was at HalloWeekends 2015, it really made us realize how much we enjoyed each other. After that visit was a season of trips to the park, Winter Chill Out, CoasterMania!, and many coaster rides. The season capped off during HalloWeekends 2016 when we got engaged on Millenium Force. This year started off with our first days in the park for CoasterMania! and Brew and BBQ, and it'd be AMAZING to make this a trilogy of major life events at Cedar Point by taking the big plunge together on Point Plummet!

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