Want to be on Mean Streak's final ride at Cedar Point? Here's how...

Sept. 14, 2016: When Mean Streak closes forever Friday, you will have one last shot at climbing aboard the wooden coaster.

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Its thundering roar will soon be silenced.

The Mean Streak at Cedar Point will unleash its final rides from 6-7 p.m. Friday before the coaster closes forever.

But how can you snatch a seat on that last journey? Park officials say it’s a mixture of timing and luck.

“If you want to get on the last ride of Mean Streak, you just have to be here at the park on Friday the 16th,” park spokesperson Tony Clark said. “The ride will be open from 6-7. Whoever’s the last in line, that’s the lucky draw of being the last train out of the station.”

It's as simple as that.

After Mean Streak’s trains stop screeching, a “funeral” will be held to honor the newly “deceased” attraction.

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“We’re gonna have ourselves a little closing ceremony -- a last rites ceremony, if you will -- where we lay Mean Streak to rest," Clark said. "There will be the last rides from 6-7. We’ll have a procession from here to the front of the park where we can lay pieces of the ride in the 'Dead Rides Cemetery' and say goodbye forever."

Friday also marks the official kickoff to HalloWeekends at Cedar Point.

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When Mean Streak first unleashed its fury in 1991, it was the world’s tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster. The rickety ride travels along 5,427 feet of track under 1.7 million board feet of treated southern yellow pine.

Although Clark won’t even hint at what could fill Mean Streak’s footprint, speculation is swirling among thrill seekers that its existing structure will be re-purposed to become a wood-steel hybrid coaster built by Rocky Mountain Construction. A similar example would be RMC's Twisted Colossus coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif.

“I would tell you when we would be announcing what’s going on here, but then I wouldn’t be working at Cedar Point anymore and I’d probably be a reporter for Channel 3. So I can’t tell you, but it will be worth the wait.”

To date, more than 26 million people have climbed aboard Mean Streak since it opened in May 1991.

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