Cleveland's Biggest Losers: Nichole and Rick McCoy

As the Biggest Loser celebrates its 15th season, we here at Channel 3 are continuing to celebrate your weight loss success stories from right here in Northeast Ohio.

Nichole and Rick McCoy have been married for 7 years. Both of them knew that they were overweight but it wasn't until 4 years ago that they both found motivation.

Rick explains. " What made me decide that I wanted to start losing weight was when we had our daughter. About 4 years ago, the path I was on, I wasn't going to make it to walk her down the aisle."

Nichole also was prompted after the birth of her daughter. "After we had our daughter Riley, I just wanted to run and play with our kids."

They decided to take off the weight.. together.

Rick was hopeful. "We wanted to make the change and hold each other accountable. "

Nichole agrees, "We each chose different ways to do it. I chose weight watchers and Rick chose counting calories."

Since they started their journey they both have shared amazing results.

Rick has dropped over 120 pounds. "4 years ago I was 410 pounds and my current weight is about 285 pounds". Nichole lost one third of her total body weight.

"I was 210 pounds and today I'm 140 - so I'm down about 70 pounds!"

We would love to hear about your "Cleveland's Biggest Loser" weight loss success story.

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